Panasonic 3D HD TV

Panasonic is one of the electronic brands with vivid qualities in respect of picture and sound. TC-P65ST60, TC-P55ST60, TC-P60ST60 are some of the Panasonic series having diagonal screen plasma HDTV offer the best of entertainment services. Besides these; panasonic 3d hd tv under the models of VT60 and ZT60 have brought the revolution in the industry. These systems drive the new image of HDTV in the market while synchronizing with ever changing demands of the entertainment world. Skype video, smart apps, GUI home screens, streaming services are some of the unique feature of panasonic 3d hd tv reviews.

The TC-P65ST60 with 65-inch diagonal screen plasma HDTV where as TC-P50ST60 with 50-inch and TC-P55ST60 with 55-inch all are equipped with latest technology of 3D. 2500 Focused Field Drive with Electronic Touch Pen and fitted with 1080p HD resolution in 2D and 3D, Infinite Black Pro plasma panel, built-in Wi-Fi, 2D-to-3D conversion, Electronic Touch Pen, video on demand services, internet connection, a rudimentary web browser, educational content, top glass with anti-reflective coating and with wide range of smart application are the exceptional features of panasonic 3d television that have made the same product on the top of the HDTV list.

Panasonic 3D Television Reviews

Under panasonic 3d hd tv reviews we bring some of the majestic points as mentioned below.

  • Connectivity - Panasonic 3D television offers best connectivity where you will find some of the inbuilt applications like an SD Card slot, AVCHD, MPEG4, two USB and many more.
  • Picture Controls - With latest technology of five picture modes and motion smoothing along with noise reduction functionalities panasonic 3d hd tv has really offer best of picture with 10-point gamma control.
  • Smart Functions - Panasonic 3d hd tv comprised of several functionalities where you can choose from the huge list of smart apps. With several templates you will also find time, weather and other applications. Here viewers can also chose from the Lincoln Lawyer in HD movie section.
  • Power Consumption - Panasonic 3D HDTV television consumes around 260 watts. With IEC power consumption it is best in energy saving as compare to earlier LED or LCDs.
  • 3D - Here with panasonic 3d television offers best of 3D functionality with better sound and quality picture. With additional two pairs of glasses panasonic offers exceptional and quality services in 3D where you can enjoy a real picture.
  • Audio - Panasonic 3D television with best woofers uses two tweeters to make their viewers with best sound. Even your TV is on table close to back wall; even then the sound doesn't break. With quality surround sound system; Panasonic states a true definition of ARC that offers Dolby 5.1 sound from the HDMI sources in order to send clear sound rays.