3D LCD TV gives you facility able to carefully experience all the high tech action. The 3d LCD technology has appear with a long way in attempting to increase processing time with Hz rates improvements to 120Hz,240Hz, and now some claim 480Hz.

By difference LCD TV technology has not at all had an issue with movement shape and side to side bouncy panning and therefore never really had to advertise such superiority since it was the first technology to market in larger size televisions. It is also appear as big boom as a TV market in all over the world and people also get interest into buying this new technology.

3D LCD Television Reviews

The 3D technology used in various LCD TV provided by LCD TV companies. The features of screen are unique crystal design technology enabling a reduced mercury and power consumption than its competitors on the market. Some company has a professional glossy black design and comes with a stand or can be easily wall mounted. Some models come with the company's Anynet+ technology for connection to other home entertainment devices in your home.The 3D technology used in the televisions is not like the red-n-green anaglyph images you might be used to.

As a substitute, in TV technology, the uses of active shutter technology in which battery operated glasses via infrared to the television and work in combination to transmit 100 frames per second for each eye. Since the some series are LCD televisions rather than plasma, the glasses don't have to be polarized. There are various model of 3d LCD TV are providing high quality, colorful images without blur while the Wide Color Enhancement technology brings natural colors to the big screen providing the best color quality possible.