LG have come into an extensive way in the last few years when it appears to TV design and features. LG has been dedicated to carrying active LG 3D TV sets that only require shutter glasses to experience 3D images, as well as the passive models that include a filter over the screen.

LG 3d TV provides the decisive in home entertainment with better picture quality, ultra slim single layer design and more eco friendly features. These TVs come with lots of models and its exclusive features that attract people properly. The LG has also developed a chipset to hold various 3d broadcast signals and keeps on to develop exacting technology that automatically controls the brightness of partly covered parts on each eye to ensure optimum 3D images.

LG 3D Television Review

LG TV has been considered to become the important point of any entertainment system in the family home. The newest offerings of LG, assuring viewers with 3D experience while providing the best technologies and capabilities that LG has to present. LG plans to bring in a wide range of 3d television ranging in different sizes. The company also plans to contain 3d functionality in its flagship models and the new series features an ultra slim bezel which has expected to maximize the 3D effect. The LG 3D technology will also discover its approach into 150 inch projectors in the coming year.

LG 3D TV Prices

LG comes with various ranges of model of 3d TV in the market and its unique features. In all of those, one of best model is Infinia that comes in Infinia LE9500, LE8500 and LE7500. The LG 3d TV prices are different as per every model. The prices of 3d TV are surely goes down as per the production costs have been dropping with improved technology.