Philips 3d TV

Philips comes to be kicking the 3D development by rounding for the use of auto stereoscopic displays, which they call WowVX. Dissimilar the stereoscopic displays which most TV manufacturers are producing, the auto stereoscopic displays do not require special glasses to watching the TV. The Philips 3d TV can demonstrate 3D video to the naked eye without the need for 3d glasses to pull off the effect.

The Philips normally uses state of the art technology to distribute the 3d experience. The active 3d technology generally uses a wireless transmitter to rapidly open and close the shutters of the active 3d glasses in perfect synchronization with what has shown on the TV screen. The effects of action and special have never been more stunning, deep or real.

Philips 3D Television Review

Philips has been an initiate in creating innovative designs and advancement. The company has revealed the latest models of 3d television for make better entertainment for people. There are various series has produce with features built in Qdeo video processing to create picture quality with enhanced sense of depth that delivers the most realistic experience on 3d TV. For those, who are looking for the complete 3D home cinema set-up, the company give also a new technology with Philips sound technology fills the room with rich, absorbing sound from all angles, with DTS-HD and Dolby True HD producing high loyalty surround.

Philips 3D TV Prices

Philips 3D TV prices are very flow and often go down swiftly therefore it is also essential to do a price comparison before making your purchase to make certain you are getting the best value. There are various models of Philips 3d tv comes with different prices and you can find rates of these models easily by paying some efforts. You can also look for compare prices across multiple TV suppliers and across different brands.