Sun Direct DTH Channels List

Amongst few popular Digital TV Service providers, Sun Direct is also a brand name and it has more than 8 million dth service subscribers. Gained recognition and appreciation in very few time, sun direct dth is best ever emerging dth service provider, aimed to turn out to be key players in digital media market of India. Instituted in 2007, sun direct is obviously a first dth service, launched HD TV and adopted the MPEG 4 technology to offer superior compression and signal quality to people while watching TV. Available in four different languages, sun direct dth is known for playing break-free the South Indian cinemas.

Transmitting on INSAT 4B and MEASAT-3, sun direct dth is relatively a favorable dth service provider; presents actually ranges of sun direct dth channels list that includes over 200 channels. Spread hurriedly across the India as well as most part of Asia, Sun Direct provides best entertainment value in provincial content, with highly developed and affordable set top box with USB recordings facilities as well. Divest yourself of cable tv and bring the sun direct dth in your home to make your home theater digital.

The sun direct digital service owned by Maran brothers, is offering many attractive packages, which a customer can choose as per their needs and choices. Channels list of sun direct dth is relatively gratifying, lets individual to make their selection of channels on different sun direct dth packages. By subscribing dth services of sun direct, you will be assured with standard quality and high definition picture and pleasing Digital Dolby sound. You can enjoy also basic packages with attractive cost of 75 rupees.

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