Dish Tru HD Set Top Box

Dish tru HD set top box is a digital tools connect with television and it receive dish TV signals from mini dish and turns the signal into things on your screen.

There is a unique serial number that printed on every set top box. This Set Top Box has designed for easy connection with plug-n-play qualities. It connects with just plug in the HDMI port of TV and the people are able to set for and amazing audio and video experiences. The HD TV gives five times better resolutions and three times enhanced sound quality than normal TV with HD box installed. We cannot do comparison between HD set top box and SD TV. The HD set top box, which converts HD signals from the antenna to the TV and it has connected with 30 new high definition channels like EXPN, Zee Cinema, Zee TV, Discovery and many more. The box comes at the price of Rs 2990 in any dish TV outlets and showrooms. The monthly packages for getting connections of channels are Rs 150.

Most HD services appear to have several problems in the set top box. Some channels have features of stereo not Dolby Digital but dish TV take it seriously to remove this problem.Many people are excited to bring a new dish try HD TV and look ahead of watching TV at true high definition picture.