GPRS Data Card

Data cards have played an important role for all the laptop users. Students, business executives, travelers, professionals on the move and other people those who use laptops for their computer work generally need data card for their internet connections. As it is one of the best options for accessing web services with high and reliable internet connectivity. Among these data cards GPRS is one of the favorable and popular technologies to have instant internet connection.

GPRS - General Packet Radio Service that brings you with high speed data services in GSM network. In this technology packet mode technique is being used to transfer data in order to provide high speed and reliable internet connection. In Indian market you will find number of GPRS data card providers offering data card services with different plans and tariffs like BSNL, AIRTEL Vodafone are among the best GPRS data card providers of Indian market.

3G GPRS Data Card

There are many telecommunication companies of India have come up with their data cards plans and packages. Among these 3G gprs data cards are the most demanded and favorable plan that suits to all 3G computer components.3G network is one of the latest, reliable and advance technologies that used in offering high speed and reliable internet connection.Wireless broadband connection to laptops, no complicated installation system only need plug & play, high speed internet connectivity as depend upon plan, vast network coverage across the towns and villages in India are some of the features that makes 3G GPRS data cards most favorable and popular in Indian market.

3G GPRS Data Card Services in India

GPRS General Packet Radio Service is an advance topology of transferring the data to the internet for the users of GSM mobile users. It is the best source of connectivity of internet to the GPS mobile. Unlike older services Circuit Switched Data (or CSD) uses packet switching, which is positively reflected in the payment by the amount of data or time lump sum instead of paying for connection time. Availability GPRS is referred to as "2.5G "technology between the second (2G) and third (3G) generations of mobile phones. GPRS provides an average data transfer rate using TDMA channels in a GSM network.

Being as one of the advance topologies of internet devices; 3G GPRS is famous for high speed connectivity along with video calls, instant messaging, e-mail functionalities and also able to enjoy wireless broadband internet connectivity. GPRS data card in India distinguished into 3 classes including class A that stated for dual transfer mode, class B that stated for network support, calls and data transfer where third class C allows only traffic from such devices can call. GPRS specification includes support for protocols IP, PPP , OSPIH and X.25 where the basic elements of the GPRS network is Packet Control Unit, Serving GPRS Support Node, Gateway GPRS Support Node and Charging Gateway.

Tata DOCOMO, BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Micromax are some of the top rated brands of 3g gprs data card India. All these brands offers gprs data card in varies packages and different functionalities. Some are having low price and low space where some are stated for high prices with high offers and exceptional speed. Thus, before buying or purchasing any of the 3g gprs data card in India be sure to re-check with its functionalities, prices and offers that can offer you with best services at affordable price.