This HD DVR stands for the High Definition Digital Video Recorder, and is at present, an impeccable means for recording contents broadcast by telecommunication channels. This advanced HD DVR enables the user to record the High Definition (HD) broadcasts also, in contrast to the Standard DVRs. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the electronic device or application software that efficiently records audio and video contents in digital format. The most impressive features and benefits, which have made hd dvr rather popular in the world over, are described hereunder.

This hd dvr is utmost ingenious device for recording live TV shows, for watching those at one's leisure, or at times later. Pausing, rewinding, and fast forwarding a TV program is also enabled by dint of a DVR. This elegant device also permits one to watch a particular TV program, while the other interested TV show is being recorded for later viewing. Most of the HD DVRs are equipped with ample storage space to accommodate many hundred hours of SD and HD recording. Bypassing the advertising commercials is also greatly facilitated by this hd dvr, so that you can record and view the same later with no commercial interruption, like a DVD or movies. Now, in the lower section, we are offering necessary information for helping people in selecting the best hd dvr box in India, as per their budget, requirements, and preference.

HD DVR Recorder Box in India

Owing to the great and lavish benefits of the HD DVR, many well-established and leading DTH service providers of India have been launching from time to time their own DVR in the Indian market. The most prominent among these DTH services are Videocon D2H, Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, and the Reliance BIG TV. The HD DVR of each of these telecommunication and broadcasting companies of India, is highly developed and efficient, for performing most of the elegant functions of any perfect DVR. Moreover, each of these hd dvr has certain specialties and deficiencies, in respect of picture and sound quality, interactive features and facilities, amount of recording capacity, price, user-friendliness, aesthetics, reliability, durability, etc.

According to a recent analysis and comparison conducted by Techwek.com, the HD DVR of Airtel has been selected as the best hd dvr in India at present, followed by Tata Sky+ HD DVR. The Airtel Digital TV HD Recorder is equipped with a huge hard disk space of 320 GB, in order to facilitate recording up to 550 hours. In addition to recording SD and HD contents in the form of audio and video, this hd dvr box is capable of receiving 3D signals also. This hd dvr facilitates recording, pausing, rewinding, multiple recording/viewing, and time-shifting functions. Moreover, this Airtel hd dvr enables you to record a TV show via your mobile phone, when you are away from home. Many of its recording features are similar to those of the Tata Sky+ HD DVR. The present cost of this Airtel's hd dvr recorder is Rs. 4890; but for old subscribers to the Airtel DTH services, this dvr recorder is available at lower cost (INR 3990). This leading hd dvr india, is well-adorned with Digital Dolby Plus 7.1 surround sound, for offering theater-like experience.