Micromax Data Card

Today, Micromax is a well-known, hugely popular, and highly reputed manufacturer of mobile phones, data cards, tablets, and a variety of consumer electronic items in India with ever-growing international markets and prominence. Its head office in well-established in Gurgaon (India), and this innovative and reliable company has extensive markets in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc. besides the hugest market in India.

Micromax has been recognized as the 12th largest handset manufacturer in the whole world, according to a recent report from the Strategy Analytics (under the Global Handset Vendor Market share report). By dint of rich and extensive field knowledge, in-depth understanding of the constantly changing consumer requirements and preferences, innovative research, aesthetic designs, and elegant uses of the latest telecommunication technologies, Micromax has been able to carve a niche for itself in the Indian and international markets amidst its formidable competitors.

The Micromax Data Cards are ingeniously manufactured using the latest technologies, to suit varied and the ever-refining requirements of Indian and international customers. These micromax data cards come in a rich variety for offering 2G and 3G internet connectivity, and elegantly suit requirements and preferences of different people. Most of the models of the micromax internet data cards are well-equipped with high-speed internet connectivity, data storage facilities, plug and play facility, compatible with both CDMA and GSM connections, and different versions of the Windows. Moreover, the price any micromax data card in india, is truly reasonable ad quite competitive, to serve the Indian customers best. In general, the uploading speed of the micromax wireless data cards is up to 5.76 Mbps; and their downloading speed range from 7.2 Mbps to 21.4 Mbps, depending upon the specific models. And, the data storage capacity of these micromax wireless internet data cards ranges from the 8GB to 32GB, based on the model type. At present, the following Micromax USB Modems are rather popular and highly admired by Indians residing in every part of the country:

  • Micromax MMX 377G 3G Data Card
  • Micromax MMX 353G Data Card
  • Micromax MMX 144F (Ferrari Opus) Data Card
  • Micromax 352G Data Card
  • Micromax MMX 440W Data Card
  • Micromax 400R (Mi-Fi) Data Card