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3D TV is a rising technology allows viewers to get enjoy of three dimensional movie, television programs and video games at their home.There have several companies developed 3D technology for the environment of home theater, but the truth of seeing 3D TV in the common household is almost certainly years back away.

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It is most important that the technology needs the purchase of new television equipment with a 3D ready TV and 3D capable Blue Ray player.Currently, there are two different types of 3D TV available as Cinema 3D and Active Sets. The main dissimilarity between both of two is glasses that you wear at the time when you are watching movie. The experience of 3D is similar because the technology behind the glasses is different.

How does 3D TVs Televisions Works?

These days, 3D televisions are mixing up more flavors to the television market. it has designed based on 3d technology that basically presents picture in stereoscopic appearances. There are some common technologies used to give 3d images a greater impact. There are also an interesting things that how does 3d TVs televisions works. The 3d TV displays two separate images or pictures of the equal scene at the same time, one deliberate for each eye. There are two full size images take up the whole screen and it appears combined with one another viewed without 3d glasses. When they mix up in the viewer's mind and with the aid of 3d glasses, the two images are perceived as a single 3d image.

At the time of watching movie on 3d television, your brain creates a sense of depth in real life that gives depth perception and real life images. The 3d movie create and also use with 3d glasses to fool your brain into thinking seeing like real life images.