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DTH Feature Comparisons

DTH as we all know about its usage and its importance in regular life. After spending fair amount you will be able to connect with direct to home digital satellite system where analog broadcasting of varied channels are being offered to your dth service provider. In short span of time dth has made its positive presence over all across the nation as a result the numbers of dth service providers have also been raised at the regular interval of time. Thus, to select the best dth service provider it is being essential to get through the dth features comparisons with different aspects of price, features, offers and packages being offered different dth providers in India.

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Airtel Digital TV - The airtel dth package costs Rs. 2499 where it offers 175 channels in different packages with addition package of make teleshopping, book cinema tickets, city based information guides, Onscreen account details, browse travel holiday packages and many more.

Dish TV - Dish TV is well known for offering majestic services in wide range of entertainment segments including 7 movie channels, 168 TV channels and 21 audio channels that costs Rs 100 for up to 85 channels, Rs 300 for up to 140 channels and Between Rs 2490 and Rs 3990 for installation. With additional features of sports channel with custom features, free gaming portal and astrology services.

Reliance Big TV - 32 movie channels, 202 channels and 10 audio channels that costs Rs 175 for 101 channels, 44 channels for Rs. 100 pack and Rs 2490 for dish and installation charges with additional features of set-top box with extra functionality of USB port, niche channels at low add-on charges and movie channels based on Monthly subscription.

Tata Sky - Offer dish and installation charges @ 2499 with 65 channels @ Rs. 175 and 123 channels @ 310 with additional functionalities of matrimonial programs and cooking portal along with Interactive quiz plus story telling portals.

DTH TV Comparisons