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CRT Television

The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Televisions were introduced in the early 80's, and are still present and quite popular in the market amidst intense competitions with the latest LCD, LED, and Plasma televisions, owing to some specific qualities and benefits. In this web article, presented is rich, highly enlightening, and beneficial matter over the CRT Televisions, the top crt televisions in India, and certain inherent advantages and disadvantages of the crt TVs.

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For impeccable picture and sound quality, accuracy and uniformity of colors, economy of power, and large display screens, the LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs are commonly and higher preferred. The CRT TVs contain a high vacuum cathode ray tube, one or more electron emitters, and a fluorescent screen to display the images and pictures. If one is confined to use shorter display screens (ranging from 14 Inches to 29 Inches) and expend less amount of money, then, the CRT TVs are obvious choice. Again, the following are the most striking features and advantages of the crt televisions:

  • The prices of CRT TVs are about half the prices of LED ad Plasma TVs.
  • Very high Contrast Ratio (more than 15000:1), Broad Gamut of Colors, and Low Black level.
  • No any fixed Native Resolution; is adorned with Multisyncing Capabilities.
  • The visual image is continuous in one dimension and discrete in only one dimension; as compared to the LCD TVs which have discrete images in both dimensions.
  • No Input Lag
  • Superb Viewing Angle
  • Functional and quite durable under extreme climatic conditions.
And, some of the major disadvantages of the CRT TVs are the following:
  • Heavier weight than the LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs, for the same screen size. For example, a CRT TV with a 20-Inch screen weighs about 23 Kg.
  • Higher Power Consumption and Heat Emission, than the LCD and Plasma TVs. In general, the CRT TVs consume about three times more electricity than that consumed by these latest and energy-efficient TVs.
  • CRT TVs can suffer from Screen Burn-in.
  • The glass envelope and the phosphors contain toxic elements like Lead, Barium, Cadmium, etc., which are harmful to health.

List of Top CRT TVs in India

Most of the top crt tvs in India are produced by companies like Videocon, LG, Samsung, Philips, Sharp, Onida, Sansui, Akai, Panasonic, and other companies. These companies produce crt tvs with screen sizes varying from 14 Inches to 29 Inches, in general. Based on the size of the screen, model of the crt tv, and the reputation of the company, the prices of the crt tv india vary from INR-5,000/- to INT-20,000/- and more. The following select crt tv list essentially includes some of the hugely popular and the top crt tvs india, at present:

Here are some of the best 3d plasma tv which are the top ten in the industry. They are as:
  • Videocon VPE21TD-DZ (21 Inch)
  • LG 21FA2VGE-TB (21 Inch)
  • Videocon VPA14NM-EZ (14")
  • Samsung 14B501KJ (14")
  • Philips 21PT3426 (21")
  • Samsung CS29A730EL (29 Inch)
  • Sansui SQB21UU-RM (21 Inch)
  • Onida CO29SLP400B (29 Inch)
  • Sharp 21G-FX10NGB (21 Inch)
  • Akai Superb (20 Inch)