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DD Direct Plus DTH

DD Direct Plus is the modified of the television and the telecom industry that is purely controlled and functioned by the center government which is established on December 16, 2004, under the Information and Broadcasting Department with its prospect to provide information through the medium of radio. This is even today the best medium of imparting news and other necessary means to communicate with the masses.

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Despite the fact the there is tremendous increase in the advancement of science and technology never the less India is one of the largest radio and television viewers. Even today if we are to go even to the most remote places of the country where even electricity has not reached has a set of radio to connect with the outside world and get all the latest information from every corner in different genres. The dd direct plus dth is one of the advancement which has brought about in this field under the banner of Doordarshan which is the one and only free channel services that are provided in the country.

The dd direct plus has mainly two specific areas as the means of transformation which is in the form of radio and television and here are some of the list of channels which are being provided as given below:

In television it has:
  • DD National
  • DD News
  • DD Sports
  • DD India
  • DD Bharati
  • DD Bangla
  • DD Chandana
  • DD Girnar
  • DD Kashir
  • Shri News
  • Aastha Bhajan
  • B4U Movies
  • Disha TV
  • DD North-East
  • DD Oriya
  • DD Podhigai
  • DD Punjabi
  • DD Sahyadri
  • DD Saptagiri
  • DD Malayalam
  • Lok Sabha TV
  • Rajya Sabha TV
  • DD Uttar Pradesh
  • Dangal
  • Sadhana
  • DD Bihar
  • 9X
  • BIG Magic
  • Chardikla Time TV
  • DD Vyas UGC-CEC
  • News 24
  • Aastha TV
  • ETC Bollywood Business
  • What's On India
  • DD Madhya Pradesh
  • Zee Jagran
  • Cinema TV
  • P7 News
  • Zee Anmol
Again in radio the dd direct plus provides the following:
  • AIR Vividh Bharti
  • AIR Telugu
  • AIR Marathi
  • AIR Tamil
  • AIR Gujarati
  • FM Rainbow Delhi
  • AIR Punjabi
  • FM Gold Delhi
  • AIR Kannada
  • AIR Bangla
  • AIR Hindi
  • AIR North East
  • AIR Malayalam
  • AIR Assamese
  • FM Rainbow Chennai
  • FM Gold Mumbai
  • Radio Kashmir
  • Gyan Vani Delhi
  • DWS Radio 1
  • AIR Ragam
  • FM Rainbow Bangalore
  • AIR Urdu
  • AIR Oriya
  • FM Gold Delhi 2 (Test Radio)
  • DWS Radio 2
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Online DD Direct Plus DTH Services in India

It is also a free-to-air digital satellite television with a complete 59 TV and 25 Radio channels with compact digital video and audio programming to home and businesses in India. The dd direct plus dth online services are also provided in various on various social media sites as today with the advancement of technology has led us to achieve various feats thus making life easier. The online forum will enable its users to connect and send in their quires and other information that they need to know about the service providers.

Further as part of its dd direct plus dth services it has the future prospects to look forward in the addition of various channels from different areas and in various languages that there will be better viewers and that it can be one of the most reliable means of getting information. The dd direct plus dth in india today has grown tremendously and is still embarking on their future and with more and more facilities for the common people across the country.