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DD Doordarshan DTH

India not only has the largest number of human population but it also has the biggest number of television viewership as part of the of its recreation time. It also has the world third place in the industry of television which enables the availability of a TV set in almost every home.

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To give its services to the public it has a government run company known as Doordarshan and is being effectively used in every nook and corner of the nation. To make its consumer to enjoy the best it has now introduces the dd doordarshan dth that provides the HD quality of pictures and sound effects. With its implication by the information and broadcast department as a National Television Network which has made itself to be among the largest broadcasting organizations in the world. At present there are about six DTH players which have 54.52 million DTH users in India. It has 823 channels of which 184 are pay channels which are available for choosing the best among them.

The dd Doordarshan as part of its service it provides has the following channels they are:

  • Doordarshan
  • STAR TV (Satellite Television Asia Network)
  • Zee Television
  • United Television
  • CNN
  • Sony Television
  • ATN (Asia Television Network)
  • BBC World
  • SUN TV
  • Discovery Channel
  • TNT
  • DD National
  • DD Sports
  • DD News
  • DD India
  • DD Bharati
  • DD Urdu
  • Regional Language Satellite Channel / Network
  • DD Commercial Services
Usha Martin University

As technology keeps on growing and is included in our everyday life so also in the same way the broadcast network has been able to give its users the dd doordarshan dth online services through which they can easily connect with the service providers about their service queries. Here in their website the organization have given a very compact form of information regarding the variety of channels, services and other necessary know how of the company with respect to their programs and others. As part of the dd doordarshan dth services that are provided are in the form of National, Regional and Local in some cases they also show the very important international programs such as the Olympics and many more.

As part of the dd doordarshan dth in india it has provided around 1000 DTH sets to its prescribers in the different states of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka besides eight NE states. Along with it has also grant 25000 DTH sets and TV sets have been provided to NE State Government. Further it has also given 20000 DTH sets provided to the Government of Himachal Pradesh for remote & tribal areas and 10000 DTH sets with TV sets have been provided to the Government of J&K. Its main aim is to reach the unreached areas that were there since the coming of the Doordarshan with the wonderful broadcasting tuning.

With the coming of the direct to home facility there has been a tremendous change in the entire look for the viewers as the dd doordarshan dth india has been able to furnish itself with the best electronic and televised technologies with the high definition quality audio and visual effects that makes it possible for the consumers to be fully aware of the latest movies and other interesting programs that are available. It has a very long way to develop and be able to beat others in the field.