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Dish Tru HD

Dish tru HD has offered by dish TV and provide best of the television entertainment in true high definition. It brings to you viewing experiences like big cinema with full HD transmission by dish TV. It also offered with set top box and has designed to interface with your home theatre system. The set top box has intended for easy connection with plug-n-play features. The dish TV broadcasts the programmes using true replica of digital cinema, sports and favorite serials at their world class high definition production facility.

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It also maintains different audio quality with an option of multiple audio choices. Watching HD channels is most interesting because of improved quality of picture on your favorite channels.

Dish Tru HD - What's New

Dish tru HD has believed as one of the best digital broadcast platforms in the world with advanced resolution than traditional TV system. The pictures and images become visible more clearly and sharp with vivid colors as well as sound quality is also enhanced. It will also improve the viewer's experience by about five times over a regular television. The dish tru HD produces an audio visual sensory experience that is far richer, deeper and more panoramic than SD viewing. It has also expected to change the rules of the dth market.

Dish TV has an improved product range of 267 channels in standard definition and 30 channels in high definition, which is substantially higher than any competing dth operator in both HD as well as SD broadcast. Firstly, there have tie up with only five channels like Zee TV HD, Zee Cinema HD, Discovery World HD, National geographic HD and ESPN HD. It has also planned that in expectations Zee Studio and Zee Cafe will also be launched in high definition. The dish TV HD connection is available in easy cost in market.

Dish Tru HD