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DTH vs Cable TV

A wire -free medium (set-top box plus small dish), DTH is the broadcasters' best bet for direct access to subscribers with revenue collection alongside. It cuts mediators like as cable operators, who can distort subscription income. DTH reaches all areas and viewers whose dwelling pattern is not clustered for cable TV economies.

Usha Martin University

Besides, the quantity of channels and broadcast excellence are both high on DTH. Cable tv cost was already rising when it come in India. DTH will have the same, while there is no hidden from costs linked to dish antennae and set-top boxes. The earlier can be shared, but the now is an separately must. While costs tap er with installed base, it will be big handicapped of dth While it takes equal transponder space, DTH and Ku band give more channels. But, if the normal cable already gives 80 channels (many of it ignored) what is the attraction in 150 channels? Truly say DTH provide a value-added bouquet. Which takes the tussle into the urban market, where the required media-savvy (or cash-rich) clientele exists (rural pockets of this type are few, composed mainly of cash-rich farmers).

The current fashion in urban cable TV is the Internet. Slowly moving, this package is available for a modest price per month. How many will go in for DTH accept or at the expense of the cable package and accept the limited interactivity? DTH has excellent quality. People will have problems during rains when the signal quality drops to 15-35% and the TV stops playing. Generally this drop lasts only for 10mins and rarely 30 mins. Also becuase the winds can turn your satellite causing loss of signal till u fix it. In hyderabad cable TV sux and some of these cable tv offices experience frequent powercuts so Dish TV is very good especially if u want hollywood movies, english channels and cartoon and anime channels.