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As new direct-to-home (DTH) competitors such as Reliance Communications and Bharti get ready for a launch, another price war is imminent as both DTH and cable companies vie to offer consumers digital video recorders (DVRs). DVR has become the next battleground in DTH war. A DVR is a device that allows consumers to pause, record, play back, and rewind and fast forward their favourite television shows.

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DTH companies are expected to slash DVRs box prices by almost half to Rs 7,000 - Rs 8,000 per unit. DVRs for cable channels would rapidly be available for between Rs 3,000 and Rs 4,000. In the meantime, Dish TV and Tata Sky have been announcing attractive price and packaging offers for their DTH services.

Since the launch of their services, the price of a DTH connection has dropped by 15-20 per cent. Indian DTH wars are all set to reach the next level with the launch of Digital Video Recorders (DVR) in the market. DVRs enable subscribers to record live video feeds and watch them at their own comfort at any time. They comprise of a hard drive that can store a limited amount of video on it. It's useful in case you're working or mostly outside while your favorite shows are on TV or if you can not afford a day's leave from office for that amazing cricket match.

A DVR is your friend in need when the wife holds the remote at prime time. Tata Sky was the first to launch it is a range of DVRs in the market with the brand Tata Sky+. Airtel DTH recently jumped on to the scene with it is own Airtel digital TV recorder device. Airtel launched with innovative features like recording shows over mobile phone. The folks at Tata Sky+ responded in no time and their DVR now features the mobile phone connectivity as well as a host of other exciting services. Reliance Big TV has now made it's entry into the DVR industry. Reliance Big TV DTH is also the first High Definition (HD) DVR in the country.