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DTH Glossary

Access Card - It is unique identifier plastic card for each dth subscriber that stated for pay per view on monthly basis.

Antenna - It is a tool bridging gap between satellite and television through which you can able to see dth channels.

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APG - It denotes to advance program guide

ATSC - It stated to advance television standard committee

Add-on packages - Some channels are free of cost offered by dth service providers but some channels or other functionalities are offer at respective cost that comes under add on packages.

Bandwidth - It is a range of frequency under which a signal is passed to its subscriber.

Broadband - It is an advance topology of offering digital satellite for having best quality of videos, clear sound and picture at high speed of data services.

CEMA - It stated to Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association

Common Carrier - It is a form of transmission system through which digital satellite is used to pass to its subscriber.

Compression - It is a unique process to raise the transponder's capacity by reducing the amount of bandwidth of the signals.

CONUS - It stated to Continental United States Continuous Wave.

Decibel - It is the logarithmic form of measuring the strength of signals.

DBS - Direct Broadcast Satellite under this special transmitter including Ku-Band receivers and C-Band are used to transmit the audio and video signals directly to the end user.

Demodulation - It is the process of picking the signals from the carrier wave.

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Dish - It stated to disc shaped antenna.

Downlink - It is the process of getting signals from a satellite.

DTH -Direct-To-Home is an advance topology of transferring signals directly to home.

DVR - Stated to Digital Video Recorders using digital mode of processing.

Encryption - It refers to converting the set of video and/or audio signals into the different forms where it is not able to read or understand.

EPG - Stated to Electronic Programming Guide is an advance topology of electronic device.

FSS - Stated to Fixed Satellite Service

GSO - Stated to Geosynchronous Orbit

HDTV -High Definition Television Technology It is generally used to improve the quality of picture.

Hybrid Satellite- Is a form of satellite carrying different communications payloads.

ICTA -Stated to Independent Cable & Telecommunications Association.

IPG - Stated to Interactive Programming Guide.

INMARSAT - Stated to International Maritime Satellite Organization.

INTELSAT - Stated to International Telecommunications Satellite Organization.

ITU- Stated to International Telecommunications Union.

IRD - Stated to Integrated Receiver Decoder

MPEG - Stated to Motion Pictures Experts Group

NAB- Stated to National Association of Broadcasters

NCTA - Stated to National Cable Television Association

Pad - It is the technology of transponder channel attenuation.

PVR - Known by Personal Video Recorder.

PCS - Known by Personal Communications System.

QPSK - Known by Quaternary Phase Shift Keying

RPM - Stated for Revolutions Per Minute

RBOC - Stated for Regional Bell Operating Company

SBCA - Stated for Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association.

SCPC - Stated for Single Channel Per-Carrier

Satellite Antenna (Dish) - It is a parabolic tool of receiving satellite signals.

SMATV - Known for Satellite Master Antenna Television

SNG - Known for Satellite Newsgathering

Transponder - It is a form of component to receive and retransmit channels.

UHF - Known for Ultra High Frequency Band

VHF - Stated for Very High Frequency

VSAT - Stated for Very Small Aperture Terminal