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Airtel HD DVR

Airtel, one of the famous names of the Indian telecommunication market is known by its reliable and customer satisfaction services. Bharti's Airtel is popular for its mobile cards where it has got awesome and favorable response for its quality services. After getting great success in mobile market now begins its journey with internet technology where it offers data cards for instant internet connection where you can able to access web and scroll your web files from anywhere and at anytime across the nation.

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Airtel data card is coming with unique features and facilities with reliable and secure data connections over GPRS, compatible with Windows 2000/XP/XP, Mac and Tablet/XP Pro operating systems, tariffs according to your needs with normal dial-up connections. Normally it is depend upon profession and daily schedule like students needs less usage space as compared to business and job professionals. With Airtel you will find number of prepaid and post paid plans that you can avail as per your needs and requirements. Therefore, these Airtel data card prepaid and postpaid plans will bring you with wide variety of different tariffs that definitely match with different customers needs and budget. These airtel data card with EDGE and GPRS enabled services has the unique features of a SIM card that enables you to send and receive SMS along with an internet connections which easy to use and install. You all need is to have your laptop and istall airtel data card and enjoy your internet connection, anywhere across the nation with Airtel network.

Airtel Digital TV HD Recorder Box Review

  • High Definition Recording - With airtel hd dvr recorder you can record any of your favorite programs where kids can also record their favorite cartoons. Airtel digital tv hd dvr able you to record all the channels in high definition and standard definition with the highest possible resolution of 1920x1080.
  • 3D - All latest models of airtel hd dvr are accompanied with 3D technology along with dolby digital plus where you can enjoy your program with special effects likewise to theater.
  • Airtel hd dvr box is now available with 750 hours of storage capacity.
  • Internet and Hand Set Recording - You can guide your airtel hd dvr recorder and set timing, channel and day when and which program you need to record you need to record. Now you can enjoy your favorite channel on your mobile and internet. Just choose the channel and select the record and enjoy the best session of life. Here; Airtel hd dvr brings you with great flexibility where you can choose from wide collections of available channel and directly jump to your favorite one.
  • No Interruption - airtel hd dvr facilitates you to pause the program in case of any interruption like any ringing door, telephone ringing, fooding or any other work; after completing your work you can again start the program from where you paused. Enjoy your channel with fullest.
  • Slow Motion, Fast Button, Rewind - Enjoy your favorite channel by getting fast forwarding only with airtel hd dvr recorder where you can also rewind the same session if in case you have missed anything; airtel digital tv hd dvr does not make you to miss anything about your favorite programme where on other hand it also offers you the best of slow motion services where you can take close scene about your liked programme it may be beneficial in case of cricket match. To do this just select the channel and press slow button and enjoy the close session of your favorite program.