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Tata Sky HD DVR

The Tata Sky+ HD DVR and the HD DVR of the Airtel Digital TV are certainly the most advanced, reliable, and highly appreciated HD digital video recorders (DVRs) in India. By dint of the high definition (HD) digital video recorder, the world of TV watching, scheduling, and overall entertainment, has been made quite opulent in India and countries of the world over. In this highly enlightening web-page, we are extending well-rounded and very beneficial information about the Tata Sky+ HD DVR.

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The HD DTH services of Tata Sky+ are now rather famous and popular in most parts of India, except the south India. To make its DTH services even more enriched and satisfying, Tata Sky launched its HD DVR in the year 2011, with many most welcome, lavish, and innovative features. The main, most impressive, and outstanding tata sky hd dvr features are given in the section below separately. Here, it may be mentioned that, the HD DVR is the digital audio and video recorder which records HD content using a hard drive, for watching the same at a later point of time, depending upon the work-schedule, respite and leisure, and preference of the user.

Again, there are many highly impressive facilities provided by a HD DVR, besides the recording of live HD contents. The most prominent among these facilities are - recording a TV programme while watching another, watch any favorite TV programme after his usual time-duration of telecasting, bypassing advertisements during the TV show, rewinding and forwarding a live TV programme, and availability of ample hard disk space for HD and SD recording.

Tata Sky HD DVR Features Review

Rich and sophisticated tata sky hd dvr is designed ingeniously to provide vivid and amazing picture quality, stereophonic sound effects, and elegant facilities for pausing, recording, rewinding, and fast forwarding any desired live TV programme. Presented in the below paragraphs are noteworthy points of tata sky hd dvr review, for help and service to our site visitors.

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  • The Tata Sky+ HD DVR box weighs about one Kg, and comes in attractive rich black color, adorned with silver buttons.
  • With 1080i resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, the tata sky hd dvr presents wider screen and more vivid and sharper pictures and images.
  • The 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus surround sound offers rich experience of movie watching, as in theater.
  • Massive 500 GB hard disk space to record extravagantly (up to 600+ hours) all your favorite HD TV programmes.
  • This well-devised tata sky hd dvr is essentially equipped with facilities for pausing and rewinding, live TV recording, 3D ready,

auto standby, and facility for resuming recording (as soon as the electricity comes back after a short power cut).

  • Its dual access remote recording feature enables one to start recording any particular TV programme, when he/she is away from home, via mobile or internet.
  • Fabulous facilities of recording one live TV show while watching another, and Video-on-Demand (VoD).