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Videocon D2H HD DVR

The Videocon D2H is one of the most famous, popular, and leading DTH (Direct-to-Home) service providers in India. The DTH services of Videocon were started in the year 2009, and now (as per a survey made in January 2013) the number of its subscribers in entire India is more than 8 million. In ours this highly informative web-article, we are more concerned with providing comprehensive and highly beneficial information about the videocon d2h 3d hd dvr.

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Videocon D2H was the very first DTH service provider in India to launch a well-devised HD DVR with 3D capabilities in May 2011. After this, most of the major and influential competitors of Videocon D2H launched their respective HD DVR in the Indian market, the most prominent among these are Tata Sky+ HD, Airtel Digital TV, and Reliance Big TV. The videocon d2h hd dvr is quite similar in functions and facilities to the HD DVR of Tata Sky+ and the Airtel Digital TV, and is at present immensely popular in almost all parts of India by a large number of DTH subscribers.

The salient videocon d2h hd dvr features, along with well-informed and expert videocon d2h hd dvr reviews, are given separately in the lower section. For detailed and refined information about the HD DVR of Tata Sky+ and the Airtel Digital TV, please refer to ours other pertinent articles in the same website. Here, it may also be added that, one of the factors behind the growing popularity of videocon d2h 3d hd dvr, is deliverance of a rather rich and varied HD package by this Videocon D2H in India.

Videocon D2H 3D HD DVR Features Review

The videocon d2h hd dvr is elegant and efficient enough to enrich the world of entertainment. Availability of a large number of valuable HD channels in the DTH package of Videocon, covering almost all genres like entertainment, news, sports, music, etc., further makes this videocon d2h 3d hd dvr more useful and worthwhile. The following are the main and most impressive features of this videocon d2h hd dvr:

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  • Its 1080P resolution provides five times more clearer, crisper, and sharper pictures than the ordinary, enabled by modern high definition digital technology.
  • The 16:9 Aspect Ratio also supports this videocon d2h hd dvr for presenting bigger, wider, and better pictures, and thus, a theater-like viewing experience at home.
  • Its Slow Motion feature enables viewers to watch slowly and closely the scenes of their deep ad discerning interest.
  • Its rich recording system is well-facilitated with High Definition Digital (HDD) sound, to offer full thrilling and entertaining experience to the viewers.
  • The HD DVR is well-adorned with 3D compatibility, to make your world of entertainment most exciting and exotic.
  • Welcome and lavish facilities of pausing, rewinding, and fast forwarding a TV programme, are present.
  • Well-facilitated are Title/Time based recordings.
  • User can record two live TV programmes simultaneously.
  • Massive 500 GB Memory, to record HD contents up to extensive 775 hours.
  • Recording Set Top Box is equipped with dual USB ports, for greater convenience to the user.