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IPTV Services

The IPTV services are those digital television services which are transmitted quite efficiently to your television through high speed internet (broadband) connections, in lieu of being broadcast through the conventional satellite signals and the cable TV formats. This highly elegant and efficient internet protocol-based platform provides an array of highly impressive advantages to the subscribers, over the cable and satellite TV services, including the capability to integrate their television with services like high speed internet (HSI) access and voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

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Consequently, these iptv services are becoming fast popular in most of the developed and rapidly progressing countries of the world, inevitably including India. As per a recent estimate, the number of IPTV subscribers in the entire world at present, is about 80 million. Large fractions of this huge number reside in the continents of Europe and Asia. In this article, we are giving highly informative and beneficial information about the most reputed iptv service providers in India. Here, it may also be mentioned that, India the fastest growing market of iptv services in the entire Asia. The highly interactive services of the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) can be broadly divided into three major categories --- Live Television, Time-shifted Television (Interactive Television), and the Video-on-Demand (VoD). The time-shifted television services enable a subscriber to replay and watch any interesting TV show which was broadcast days ago and also to replay any current TV show from it's very starting.

IPTV Service Providers in India

In India, the iptv services are fast becoming formidable competitor to the DTH services and Cable TV services, in most of the major cities of the country. Being given below are highly informative and profitable pieces of information about the iptv providers in India and the iptv services india. Though at the nascent stage, the iptv in india is making fast and wide strides for becoming richly entertaining with a variety of lavish interactive facilities and services. At present, the major and most famous iptv service providers in India are - MTNL, BSNL, Aksh Optifibre Limited, Bharti Airtel, and the Reliance Communications. Brief information about the iptv services provided by these companies is presented hereunder.

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BSNL (MyWay) IPTV: This popular iptv has reached out to over 50 cities of all across India. BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has collaboration with Aksh Optifibre to make its iptv services more popular and interactive.

MTNL IPTV: MTNL provides its iptv services in Mumbai and Delhi. This MTNL has made agreement with Aksh Optifibre to provide top-quality iptv broadband content services to itswell-established subscribers in Mumbai and Delhi.

Airtel IPTV: This offers services of Video-on-Demand, Time-shift TV, and Interactive 2.0, and is a fast progressing iptv in india. Bharti-Airtel has close connections ad contracts with IBM and UTStarcom, to enrich its iptv services in India.

Reliance IPTV: This service is well-accessible in Mumbai and other cities of India. Powered by Microsoft Mediaroom (one of the most popular and preferred iptv platforms in the world over), this Reliance iptv offers services like the Live TV, Video on Demand, DVR, Instant Channel Change (ICC), Time-shift TV, and a variety of interactive services. It seeks to cater efficiently to the growing and varied needs of the consumers, in order to emerge out as one of the leading iptv service providers in India.

iControl IPTV: Owned and managed efficiently by the Aksh Optifibre Limited, iControl is the largest brand in the iptv services in India, which is extended in partnership with BSNL and MTNL. On the basis of its vast subscriber base in all across India, this iControl is the biggest iptv provider in entire Southeast Asia. All various facilities and interactive services of the iptv, are offered by this popular brand. This Aksh has made rapport with well-known entertainment giants like Disney, Sony Pictures, Shemaroo, Erose, and many more.

IPTV Services