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BSNL IPTV Services

The BSNL IPTV services rank among the most prominent and impressive IPTV services in entire India. Today, BSNL's MyWay iptv services have reached out to more than 50 big cities of India located in all across the whole country. This BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nagam Limited) has also made close rapport with the Aksh Optifibre Limited, for making its iptv services widely known, popular, and utmost impressive to the people of entire India. More information about the services of bsnl iptv india, is being given in the lower section.

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Today, in almost every well-developed and fast progressing country of the world, necessarily including India, iptv services have become rather famous, and have emerged out as a formidable competitor to the DTH and Cable television services. This IPTV service uses the internet technology for transmission, and in this service the TV channels are encoded in Internet Protocol (IP) formats. The IPTV offers some exclusive and more interesting features as compared to the satellite and cable television, including the facilities of Live Television, Time-Shift Television (also known as the Interactive Television), and the Video-on-Demand (VoD). These all facilities are provided by the bsnl iptv services in all across India.

BSNL IPTV Tariff Plans & Channel List India

This section offers information about the bsnl iptv channel list and the bsnl iptv tariff plans. The TV channels covered in the bsnl iptv services are more than 150, in its Mega Hit pack. In general most of its service packs include over 100 magnificent channels, in order to provide the subscribers rich, varied, and truly wholesome entertainment and necessary information. The basic monthly pack of bsnl iptv services start with INR 225/-, and covers more than 100 quality TV channels, VoD, radio stations, PVR, SMS, Games, and other entertaining or informative services and facilities. In addition to this, the initial cost and charges are - the installation and commissioning charge of INR 250/- (non-refundable), and security deposit for STB amounting to INR 2000 (refundable).

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The salient features of bsnl iptv india, are the following:

IPTV: There are available over 100 digital quality TV channels. Most of these channels are commended highly for superb picture quality and gratifying stereophonic sound.

Radio: There are 14 digital stations essentially including the BBC World.

Free 7 Days Auto Recording: At present, this lavish facility is available for 40 channels.

Video-on-Demand (VoD): More than 150 movies are instantly accessible online for selective watching at any point of time, facilitated with facilities like pausing, rewinding, and fast forwarding. Two any selected movies (from the given list) can be watched free in any month. Additional movies will be charges at the cost of INR 20 to 50, per movie.

PVR (Personal Video Recorder): For live recording of interested programmes.

Smart Interactive Services: An array of highly impressive interactive services are offered to the subscribers, including rail information, maps, emails, astrology, etc.

Add on Packs and A-La-Carte: Are related to sports and entertainment, and many regional channels.

A Variety of Monthly Packs: Like Mega Hit (157 Channels), Super Hit (151 Channels), Hit (122 Channels), and Super-Value (133 Channels). The monthly charges of these bsnl iptv plans are INR 444/-, 333/-, 249/-, and 280/-, respectively.