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Hathway is one of the popular and favorable platforms that bring first cable operator to launch a digital platform in India.With this technology Hathway has become one of the major cable television service operators in India that comprises number of operation centers in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai.

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It is the first company with Indian base to use the CATV network for offering its internet services. It is known for its unique features and fastest internet services via cable and was one of the first to bring that kind of services in the state of Chennai. Most of the subscribers of entertainment world believes on the Hathway, famous for unique services and client satisfaction. Hathway is one of the companies with internet services that brings IPTV and DTH in order to provide maximum number of satellite channels. With its advance and latest technology, Hathway has able to achieve maximum number of subscriber at international level.

With the ever changing economy and the taste of people, Hathway always keen to bring new updation from time to time not only to maintain its reputation but also attracts to new customers who want to keen in touch with latest technology and entertainment. Digital platform is one of the biggest examples for Hathway services that not only brings new technology but also builds its unique image in the world of technology and entertainment. Hathway IPTV brings all these unique and quality services for IPTV lovers that play an important role in boosting the entertainment industry at the international level.

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Hathway Internet Broadband in India

Technology is a boom in this generation of mankind with its implication has made life easier, less time consuming and is coast effective. Today it's impossible to think of our life without it and the best gift or creation of technology in the department of telecommunication is the coming of internet. Offices, schools and even normal life are affected when there are any disturbances in the network and the life in itself comes to a hold. The best answer for such situation in a country where its economy is growing and flourishing is with the use of Hathway Internet Broadband in India where the services are provided in such a way to be welt know to be one of the best services providers that is available in the market.

This organization formed by Raheja Group is one of the largest and the most trusted MSO & cable broadband service supplier and has covered the whole nation such with cable television services across 140 cities and towns and high-speed cable broadband services across 21 cities along with 20 digital head-ends. The hathway internet for its speedy services in handling the problems and giving the users the finest communication path without any barriers that it has been acknowledged with numerous prestigious honors for quality Cable TV and Broadband Internet Services by both the national and international organization. It also comprise of more than half of the total cable broadband market of members who are enjoying its attention. Apart from the internet it also offer entertainment with its HD TV plan which has various channels Star Movies, Movies Now, Zee Studio, Zee Cinema, Ten HD, Star Plus, Colors HD, Star World, CNBC, NGC, Discovery, Travel XP, M Tunes HD and many more.