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IPTV Middleware

IPTV is stands for Internet protocol television in which internet protocol Suites are used to deliver internet television services. It is based on different modules of architecture and networking methods. Live television, video on demand and time-shifted programming are the major groups of services offered by these IPTV providers. AT&T, sureWest, verizon, belgacom, telecom Italia, deutsche telekom, France telecom, telefonica, swisscom are some of the best IPTV providers of the world that are offering various types of IPTV services at advance level. It is different from other types of web-based multimedia and Internet-based services where they follow other types of methods while transferring the data.

IPTV Middleware Companies

IPTV middleware act as nervous system that manages and control these IPTV services and make secure interaction between providers and subscribers. It is a type of software that organizes the complete framework as well as support its services including live TV channels, Web browsing, electronic program guide, radio / video on demand and lots more. Enhanced Telecommunications, Inc., CASCADE Limited, Infogate Online, LambdaStream, Kasenna Professional Services, Minerva Networks, NetUp, Inc., Netris are some of the famous IPTV middleware companies of the world that are famous for offering wide range of IPTV middlewares. Generally IPTV middleware includes two main parts STB client and middleware server that plays a vital role for the subscriber as well as for the providers. IPTV middleware uses client / server architecture that controls the customer interaction with the service that proves to be an important part of their services.