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LCD Television

Modern LCD, LED, and Plasma Televisions are now hugely popular in countries worldwide, owing to the high-quality pictures and images, theatre-like sound effect, larger display, economy of space, lesser power consumption, etc. qualities offered by these. Thus, these modern-age televisions are very elegant and popular means for obtaining elevated-quality entertainment and theater-like watching experienced in one's own home. Moreover, you can also enjoy 3D games and movies amidst the calm and comfort of your home, by dint of these modern and trendy televisions. In ours this webpage, we are providing highly refined and exclusive information about the LCD TVs in India (lcd television india), in order to enlighten our visitors for making the right purchase of the most suitable, efficient, and glamorous lcd televisions.

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The LCD TVs commonly use the liquid-crystal-display technology for producing vivid and highly impressive visual images and pictures. These lcd tvs are remarkably more thinner and lighter in weight than the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TVs, for the same size of display. Moreover, these lcd tvs are now available quite economically in a broad range of display sizes. Other striking good qualities of lcd tv india, are mentioned below. These all impressive qualities of the LCD TVs made these now, the most produced and sold televisions not only in India, but also in countries worldwide.

Sleek, stylish, and cutting edge LCD TVs are now available with a variety of screen sizes ranging from 14 and 19 Inches to 30" and 42", and also to 52" and 65". Most of the top lcd tvs have the following outstanding advantages over the plasma TVs - a rather broad range of screen sizes; lighter than the plasma TVs; consume less power than the plasma TVs; greater durability; least chances of image burn-in; less reflective display screen; suitable for longer watching periods; etc. However, for watching from side angles, the plasma TVs are superior to the lcd tvs.

List of Top LCD TVs in India

The most popular and the top lcd tvs india, are produced by the following companies of international repute and popularity: Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, sharp, Onida, Toshiba, Hitachi, Videocon, Haier, Sansui, Akai, and many other companies. Some of the hugely popular and preferred lcd tvs in India, are provided in the following lcd tv list:

  • Samsung LCD TV 40" LA40R81BMXTL
  • LG 42" Full HD LCD 42LK450 TV
  • Sony Bravia 32 Inches HD LCD TV KLV-32BX350
  • Philips 32PFL5007 LCD 32 Inches HD TV
  • Panasonic TH-L42U5D LCD 42 Inches Full HD TV
  • Toshiba 40PB20 LCD 40 Inches Full HD TV
  • Haier 42" L42M3 LCD Television
  • Videocon Sapphire VAD32FH-BX 32 Inches LCD TV
  • Onida 32 Inches HD LCD TV LCO32DMSH103L
  • Akai 40 Inches Full HD LCD TV L40B30