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Micromax 3G Data Cards

After getting great success data cards have now become the favorable mode of internet and portable data memory. Many new companies have launched their data cards with complete compatibility with other hardware and softwares. That support data cards with 3G computer components, after experiencing the 3G data cards now people really want to get it in their professional life.

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Among the various providers Micromax is one of the popular brand names of the telecommunication world. After getting awesome response as mobile handset manufacturer, now micromax has launched its 3G data cards services with different plans and packages where first time it has put its steps for the internet technology.

Micromax Internet Data card

Micromax has always put its main emphasis on its style, latest models and updated fashion that definitely match with new generation of this internet world.On keeping this as aim micromax has launched its internet data cards in different plans and packages. Recently it has started with its new way of BSNL collaboration where micromax mobiles will develop their data cards exclusively for BSNL's 3G formats. These data cards are available in both HSDPA and HSUPA variants with different speed, rates and packages.

Northern cities of the nation like Shimla, Jallandar, Agra, Ambala, Durgapur and many more have already experienced these BSNL and Micromax services whereas in other area company is still planning to launch its unique services with complete compatible products. These micromax internet data cards have put the Indian market closer to internet world with its reliable and world class services.

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Micromax 3G Data Card Services in India

Fast being popular are the micromax 3g data card services in all across India, and its surrounding countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. Micromax is an Indian telecommunication company with 23 domestic offices, the head office of which is well-established in Gurgaon (Haryana). Today, Micromax is actively and very successfully is engaged in the manufacturing of a rather wide range of mobile phones, tablets, internet data cards, and consumer electronics. Here, it is notable that Micromax is the 12th biggest manufacturer of mobile phones and tablets in the world. In ours this very informative and benefiting glamorous web article, we are extending brief but rich information regarding the micromax 3g data card india, and its ever-refining services connected with internet.

Seeing the ever-growing Indian market with over 100 million internet users, Micromax has been presenting a variety of micromax 3g internet cards, to facilitate high speed internet connectivity in places situated in all across India. Through producing a rather broad range of highly stylish and aesthetic designs, vast and varied knowledge of telecommunication technologies, innovative and cutting-edge research, and constantly refining endeavor for serving the people better, today Micromax has established a secure niche for itself in the ever-changing and constantly growing Indian market, despite the presence of many big and booming competitors. The following are some of the most commended and popular micromax 3g data cards in the Indian market, at present:

  • Micromax MMX 377G 3G Data Card
  • Micromax MMX 353G 3G Data Card
  • Micromax MMX 144F (Ferrari Opus) Data Card
  • Micromax 352G Data Card
  • Micromax MMX 440W Data Card
  • Micromax 400R (Mi-Fi) Data Card

To suit different requirements of different people, the micromax 3g internet cards are available in a variety of models, with varying speed levels (5.76 Mbps to 21.4 Mbps), data storage capacity (8GB to 32GB), and many lavish facilities. These USB modems are compatible with both GSM and CDMA networks, and are available at very reasonable and competitive prices.