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Mobile TV

The Mobile TV is the highly convenient television which is watched on any small and portable hand-held electronic device or mobile phone. This great and lavish facility has now been made feasible by the latest developments in internet and telecommunication technology, and in information technology. By dint of this mobile tv, one can very conveniently watch his/her favorite soaps live, live sports, live news, and other desired tv programmes, when one is away from home or traveling.

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Almost all varieties of live TV programmes broadcast by national or international TV channels now can easily be viewed on your mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and other portable and hand-held electronic devices. The only thing required for doing this is availability of 3G, GPRS, or 4G facilities with the users. The 2G telecommunication resources are not very efficient for watching live mobile tv services and mobile tv applications, as these activities essentially require high speed networks and radio spectrum. However, most of the operators also offer mobile tv services through this 2G network, along with the 3G and 4G networks. The gamut of mobile tv applications is rather wide and includes Mobile TV, Video-on-Demand (VoD), and Time-Shift TV (Interactive TV), mobile tv downloading, etc.

India has about 500 million subscribers to mobile phones, and over 100 million internet users, as per a recent survey conducted in 2012. Hence, mobile tv services and mobile tv applications are bound to prosper in all across India, with a high and fast growth rate. In the lower section, we are providing highly enlightening and beneficial information about the live mobile tv services offered by telecommunication companies of India.

Live Mobile TV Services

The great importance and utility of live mobile tv services in India, has been enhanced manifold with the advent of 3G telecommunication and internet technology. Today, most of the companies engaged in providing telecommunication services, have launched their rich and highly competitive packages and plans for mobile tv services, to serve their subscribers better. The most prominent and popular among these companies are the following:

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MTNL: MTNL has recently launched its mobile tv services (NexG TV services) in collaborations with DigiVive, and offers up to 50 live channels through its 2G and 3G networks, which are related with entertainment, reality shows, news, music, religious, and other popular and regional channels. These services are available in Mumbai and Delhi at the monthly, weekly, and daily subscription charges of INR 99, 35, and 8, respectively, for all its channels, with no extra additional data charges.

Tata Indicom: Working on CDMA network, it offers mobile tv services to over 60 channels at present, at monthly charge of INR 75, with extra data charges (50 Paise per MB).

Reliance Communications: It offers mobile tv services through both CDMA and GSM 3G networks, for about 75 live TV channels and 50 VoD channels, with multiple choices for subscriptions. No additional charges for data downloading.

Airtel: This offers 60 channels to choose from for watching, at the cost of INR 40 every week, for 20 minutes daily. No additional data charges are taken.

Idea Cellular: It charges INR 3 per minute for watching any of its 60 channels (which are same as those offered by the Airtel or Vodafone), with the facility of no additional data charges.

Tata Docomo: It offers GSM services and linkages to about 100 channels, at the monthly, weekly, and daily charges of INR 99, 30, and 15, respectively, for all its channels, together with the extra data charges at the rate of 10 Paise per 10 KB.

BSNL: It provides access to 50 TV channels.

Vodafone: 60 channels are made available by this; charges taken are INR 150 monthly and INR 7 daily. Use of data beyond the permitted limit costs 10 Paise per 10KB.

Mobile TV Services