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MTNL Data Cards

Data Card has now become the need of the society that offers instant internet connection with reliable and advance web services. In European countries it has really got a favorable response from the society.But for developing countries these data cards bring a kind of revolution in the industry of technology. World leading telecom companies have been working from last several years to develop more technologies related to these 3G network support.

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MTNL 3G Data Card

At present MTNL has launched various types of advance services like MTNL data cards, MTNL mobile TV, MTNL 3G data card, MTNL 3G Jadoo and lots more. These advance services make MTNL as one of the reliable and updated telecom companies of the nation. These MTNL 3G data cards bring an instant and reliable internet connection with different packages and tariffs that makes possible even for middle income groups or small business enterprises to access their web accounts at a manageable rates. All these different 3G processes by MTNL make this company on the top of the list. People who really want to keep themselves in touch with the latest fashion and technology can subscribe here with MTNL in order to avail all types of advance and updated telecom services.

MTNL Wireless Internet Data Card in India

One of the immensely popular and reliable telecommunications and internet service providers in the metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Delhi, is the government-owned Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL). Again, MTNL was the very first company in India to launch the ADSL+ broadband technology, and also the first 3G mobile service operator in India. Ours this highly informative and separate section offers very profitable information regarding the mtnl data cards in India. So far, the mtnl internet data cards have been facilitating high-speed internet connectivity up to 3.6Mbps, high coverage strength and seamless roaming over MTNL/BSNL networks, quite reasonable and economical data tariff plans and packages, and highly efficient and trustworthy services.

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The following are the most popular and highly efficient mtnl wireless data cards launched in Mumbai and Delhi by this reputed and innovative MTNL of India:

MTNL Terracom LW272 3G Data Card: Working very efficiently on HSPA network this ingenious mtnl data card is at present available at the cost of Rs-1200/- in Delhi and Mumbai. In its Delhi telecom circle, this 3G USM modem is available to the prepaid customers only, together with a free offer of 15GB data bundle (home and roam), within one month from the date of purchase. And, in the Mumbai telecom circle, this offer of free bundled data is accessible to both the postpaid and prepaid customers, but the amount of free data usage is limited to 1.5GB (home and roam). Again, MTNL also provides very reasonable and lavish 3G data tariff plans for its prepaid and postpaid located in both the metropolitan cities, which range from Rs-20/- to Rs-5000/- (in Delhi), and from Rs-22/- to Rs-2500/- (in Mumbai). The data access charge in both these cities is 2p/10KB for home and roaming usage in all across India on MTNL/BSNL network.

Terracom MTNL 3G Jadoo: This HSDPA data card, available to both postpaid and prepaid connections, not only supports high-speed internet connections (up to 3.6Mbps), but also facilitates video calling, live TV, etc., at affordable rates. Remarkably fast and secured internet connectivity is well-facilitated by this miraculous mtnl wireless internet data card in all across India on the MTNL/BSNL networks. To entice new prepaid customers, MTNL is now offering this mtnl data card at just Rs-1200/-, together with a free bundled data usage amounting to 15GB, for one month.