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Plasma Television

The Plasma Televisions are well-known for their larger screen sizes, superior contrast ratio, better color accuracy, and a wider range of colors, when compared with the LCD and LED Televisions. Therefore, the plasma televisions are also amply popular in the Indian and worldwide markets, along with the huge popularity of the LCD and LED Televisions, depending upon specified requirements and preferences. In ours this highly enlightening and profitable web article, we are providing the whole gamut of necessary and refined information about the plasma television india, specialties of the plasma tvs, and the most popular and top plasma tvs india.

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The plasma flat panel television technology makes application of tiny cells consisting of electrically charged ionized gases, for producing brighter and perfect visual images and pictures. This is the main reason that the plasma tvs do not work well at high altitudes (above 2Km), as at high altitude there occurs pressure differential between the gases inside the screen and the ambient air pressure. Some of the salient features of the plasma tvs, in general, are the following:

  • Plasma TVs are highly admired for being capable of producing deeper blacks, which in turn, lead to superior color accuracy and contrast ratio.
  • Plasma TVs are excellent for side-angle viewing. This specialty is superb when you don't always want to watch the TV directly from the front.
  • Plasma TVs are susceptible to screen burn-in, which does not occur in the cases of LCD and LED TVs. This screen burn-in takes place when an image is displayed for a long period on the plasma TV screen, which is depicted by an outline of the image on the screen.
  • Generally, the plasma tvs consume more electrical power than that absorbed by most of the LCD and LED televisions.
  • The plasma tv units are never more than 10cm thick, and thus, these TVs can be placed anywhere in the home, for space-saving purposes.
  • The display screens of the plasma TVs are larger than that of the LCD ad LED TVs, and start from 32 Inch (about 82cm) or 42 Inch (107cm) sizes diagonally. The screen sizes diagonally can go up to 65 Inch and more. The screen sizes of the LCD TVs can be as small as 14 Inch diagonally.

List of Top Plasma TVs in India

The most prominent and reputed producers of the plasma tv india, are Samsung, Panasonic, and LG, and many other companies. These internationally renowned companies have been offering some of the best and top plasma tvs in the Indian market for a long period. These companies are also well-known for producing 40 Inch plus range of plasma TVs, to suit varying requirements ad preferences of different people of the country. The following plasma tv list includes some of the most popular, highly appreciated, and the best plasma televisions in all across India at present:

  • Panasonic TC-PST50 series
  • Panasonic TC-PVT50 Series
  • Samsung PS51E550D1R
  • Samsung PS51E470A1R
  • LG 42PT350R
  • LG HD Plasma TV 50PT350R