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Reliance 3G Data Card

One of the most prominent, popular, and leading companies of India which are full-fledged in the sector of telecommunications and satellite broadcasting, and internet services, is the Reliance Communications. Hence, like all other major players in this sector, Reliance has also launched a variety of 3G data cards in the India market, in association with other internationally famous companies and manufacturers.

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These reliance 3g data cards are designed to support varying speed requirements and necessities of the internet users, with the help of highly efficient and well-established telecommunication network of Reliance, in all across the whole country of India. The section provided below, especially offer detailed and hugely beneficial information about all most popular reliance 3g internet cards in India, and the reliance 3g data card services in entire India. Here, it is worth an emphatic mention that Reliance uses the CDMA technology for faster, better, and safer internet connectivity in places spread all over India. Moreover, the data tariff plans of reliance 3g internet cards are quite generous, and are available in both the categories of prepaid plans and postpaid tariff plans. For most of reliance 3g data cards, the monthly unlimited internet plans start from INR 800/- and go up to INR 1300/-, and the permitted usage of data ranges from 5GB to 15 GB. Usage of data beyond the permitted limits will be charges @ 64 kbps.

Reliance 3G Data Card Services India

In order to satisfy all categories of speed requirements related with internet access and connectivity, Reliance Communications has launched many 3G USB modems in association with ZTE and Huawei, in the huge and ever-growing India market. Out of these, the following are the most popular reliance 3g data cards in India:

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  • Reliance NetConnect Plus: This highly appreciated and very popular reliance 3g data card india, facilitates downloading speeds up to 3.1 Mbps, and uploading speeds up to 1.8 Mbps, in most parts of India. Offers possibilities of widest and consistent network coverage nationwide, and is compatible with all famous operating systems.
  • ZTE - MF668: Working on HSPA+ network this plug-n-play 3G USB modem is well-equipped with sensitive internal antenna and USB 2.0 interface, to support working speeds up to 21.6 Mbps. Fully compatible with other networks like WCDMA, EDGE, and GPRS, this 3G USB modem works well with all

operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and MAC. Moreover, its micro SD slot can store memory up to 32 GB.

  • ZTE - MF190: Efficiently compatible with all popular operating systems mentioned above, this 3g internet card enables working with internet at the speed of 7.2 Mbps, while working on the HSUPA network. Other features are same as those of the MF668.
  • Huawei - E173: This is rather prominent nationwide for delivering downloading speeds up to 7.2 Mbps and uploading speeds up to 5.76 Mbps. Works excellent with operating systems of Windows and MAC.