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As compared to basic feature phones, these Smartphones offer more advanced computing ability and connectivity including wireless voice telephony, broadband wireless data. 3G network support, video calls and many more services related to advance mobile technology. Blackberry, Asus and Nokia are among the famous smartphones providers worldwide.

Usha Martin University

All basic computer facilities are integrated within these smartphones. BREW and Java ME are two applications basically used for smartphone's programming. Smartphone act as handheld computer where you can run complete operating system with more advanced applications based on a specific platform.

Smart Phones Pdas

On the arrival of these smartphones in India has changed the behavior of mobile lover. It has bought all around revolution in their purchasing habits.These smartphones with additional features and multi-utility mobile phones bring new life in the mobile industry. Microsoft office tools, fax, internet access, voice services, pager are some of the famous services favored by major section of the society. These smart phones pdas is the simple solution for online community friends, You Tube lovers, blog lovers, latest stock prices and other types of web services are available in these smartphones. Smart Phones with Pdas is simply rocks the market with its sales and universal acceptance. Smartphones are the composition of portable computer with unique features and advance services. On other hand smartphones with HSPA data transmission capabilities also gives support to high speed lovers. This smart phone with advance features fit into the lifestyle of this world of fashion and technology.