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Sun Direct TV DTH

The Sun Direct DTH is a service provider which is formed by provides direct broadcast satellite for Direct To Home services to its consumers all over the country which was launched in 2007 in the commercial hub of Mumbai. It provides to about nine million homes across the nation there by transmitting digital satellite television signals to ever home it has connection with. The MPEG-4 is followed in providing the best facilities for HD quality that has changed the whole concept of television viewing experience.

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Today if we are to serious look at the frequency of its uses are available in every household which provides us that the sun direct tv is able to satisfy the needs of the people. This advancements and new discoveries have help in creating new technologies and the opportunity to explore the best possibilities to get better connection with the chance to view the best entertainment programs in a varied number of channels.

The sun direct technology enables us to explore the very field of the information and broadcasting ability to provide the most competent programs with excellent audio and visuals through the INSAT 4B. Along with these there are also other contenders who are striving to give its best such as the cable, Airtel digital TV, Reliance Big TV, DD Direct+, Dish TV, TATA Sky and Videocon D2H that are also providing the same as compared to sun direct tv company. It is still the unbeatable in this entertainment industry as compared to others in the market.

Online Sun Direct DTH Services in India

The sun direct dth online services are also provided to their consumer that enables them to ask questions and other information that are required by the customers. Payments can also be done easily through the online services that are provided and the different new information's are also given as part of its services provided. Apart from it there are also special suggestions that are provide 4 exclusive ad free movie services named Cinema club, 4 action Movie channels,2 'Life' channels and 1 comedy service, apart from 4 exclusive HD services. Along with it also gives the chance to the consumers the freedom to choose as part of the sun direct dth services from the following particular channels such as:
  • Tamil Cinema Club
  • Telugu Cinema Club
  • Kannada Cinema Club
  • Malayalam Cinema Club
  • Chirithira
  • Sun Life
  • Sun Action
  • Suriyan
  • Gemini Action
  • Gemini Life
  • Surya Action

The sun direct dth in india being a joint venture of between the Maran's Sun Network family and the Astro Group of Malaysia and provides a satellite dish with a set top box. Since its initiation due to its wonderful capacity and superiority in picture distinction and sharper picture has made it into being the people's choice. One of the most fascinating part of the reason as ot why it is the best in the industry is that the sound quality is that of crystal clear CD and along with it also provides 5:1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound which makes it the ultimate choice of the people.

Further sun direct india also has 1080i HD quality video which makes it irresistible for anyone who has used it and for a new client to rely on cable tv alone is an understatement of technology in itself.