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Sun Direct HD DTH

In ours diligently prepared and very informative web page, we are offering exclusive materials on the Sun Direct DTH services in India, especially including the sun direct hd dth, and the sun direct hd dth packages offered to the south India and the rest of India. Launched in 2007, the Sun Direct DTH services are now immensely popular in entire India, especially in the south India, because of offering a rather opulent and economical packs related with all south Indian languages.

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With about 9 million subscribers in whole India, the Sun Direct is at present (June 2013) one of the largest DTH service providers in entire India, with crowning monopoly in the south India. Booming Sun Direct is a visionary joint venture between the Maran's Sun Network and the Astro Group of Malaysia, and has promising tie-up with the Dolby Digital. The headquarters of Sun Direct are located in Chennai, and this fast progressing DTH service provider hopes to become one of the leading players in the in the highly competitive sector of the DTH services in India.

As far as the sun direct hd services are concerned, this rapidly progressing DTH service-provider utilizes the advanced MPEG-4 digital compression technology, for the best possible compression and signal quality. Innovative Sun Direct was the first DBS service-provider of India to use this compression technology, and also the very first HD TV service provider in India. It had commenced its elegant HD services with the channels of the National Geographic Channel HD, and the Tamil/Telugu HD service. More content over the sun direct hd dth india, is provided in the latter section, for visitors' convenience.

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Sun Direct HD DTH Packages in India

High quality HD DTH services and reasonably-priced and economical DTH packages, have made the sun direct hd in india very popular and reliable, with overwhelming popularity in the entire south India. The most famous HD channels offered by Sun Direct HD services are - Sun TV HD, KTV HD, National Geographic Channel HD, Discovery Channel HD, Movies Now HD, Star Movies HD, Zee Studio HD, Sun Music HD, Gemini TV HD, Tamil HD Movies, Telugu HD Movies, etc. The salient features of the sun direct hd dth services are the following:

  • Five Times more sharper, clearer, and crisper pictures
  • The 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound
  • Wide Aspect ratio of 16:9
  • USB Recording
  • Fast rewinding and forwarding; and pausing and recording.

Provided below are the sun direct hd packages under the broad categories of the South Packs and Rest of India Packs:

South Packs:

Mega Pack (HD): It covers 163+ channels in about 22 genres, and costs Rs-1270/- for three months.
Regional Cinema + Sports Packs (HD): Each of these packs includes 135+ channels in 20+ genres, and charges Rs-950/- for three months. The regional cinemas covered separately are Tamil cinemas, Telugu cinemas, Kannada cinemas, and Malayalam cinemas.
World Packs (HD): These packs are available in each of these south Indian languages, and cover in general 145+ channels in 21 genres; each pack costs Rs-1045/- for three months.
Super Value Packs (HD): Wrapping in 145+ channels in 21+ genres, each of these packs in different south Indian languages, is priced at Rs-1025/- for three months.
World Packs Sports (HD): These packs are available in all south Indian languages separately, and cost Rs-1115/- for three months; the channels covered are 145+ in about 22 genres.

Rest of India Packs:

Mega Pack (HD): This pack is available at the cost of Rs-1270/- for three months, and encompasses 163+ channels belonging to a broad range of 22 genres.
Value Plus ROI (HD): The quarterly cost of this pack is Rs-985/-, and it covers 147+ channels pertaining to over 20 popular genres.

At present, the connection charges for sun direct hd dth services start from Rs-2290/-, and this cost includes the prices of dish, STB, installation and activation, and subscription for HD & SD pack for two months. In addition to all above-mentioned packs, Add-ons and A-la-carte packs are also available.