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Tata Photon Plus

After getting great success as mobile phone providers and manufacturers, now TATA Teleservices Limited wants to examine their hands in providing wireless internet connection, as we all known with quality services and reliability of TATA products of many different fields. This TATA photon plus with different plans and tariffs are coming with fastest and reliable internet connection that suits to all income groups of the nation.

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TATA Teleservices Limited is already well known for its revolutionary ideas that bring you with all types of mobile services at extremely affordable rates. After achieving favorable response now TATA teleservices wants to launch its mobile broadband device Photon Plus.

TATA Photon Plus+ Prepaid and Postpaid

These TATA photon plus+ services are available at prepaid and postpaid plans in order to suit all types of subscribers. Like for students, business persons and professionals all are having their different needs and usage requirements, these TATA photon plus pre and post paid plans have come up to suit all types of different ages. Like post plan includes different tariffs of Rs. 500 / month rentals, Rs. 750, 850, 950, 100, 1500 / month rentals all these plans are depend upon download speed and usage space. As you move from high speed and more usage space you have to pay more. Among the various wireless internet connections these TATA photon + services are famous for high quality and reliable instant connections. With its prepaid and post tariffs it will definitely proves to be best wireless internet connection providers all over the nation.

Usha Martin University

TATA Photon Plus Internet Data Card in India

The tata photon plus internet data card has been launched in India by the Tata Teleservices Ltd, and is at present, one of the most efficient, very popular, and quite reliable 3g data cards in India. This tata photon plus data card is particularly famous in the speed-range reaching to 3.1 Mbps, while working with internet, in any part of India. Ours this special section provides exclusive and very profitable information regarding this tata photon plus data card in india.

This inventively designed 3g data card operates at 800 MHz frequency, and is well-supported by the dual antennae, for faster, better, and stronger signal reception. The following are salient features of this tata photon plus 3g data card:
  • Speeds: In general, it delivers downloading speeds up to 3.1 Mbps, and uploading speeds up to 1.8 Mbps, in most cities of India. However, the actual speed of the internet connectivity will depend on the location of concerned place, time of the day, number of simultaneous users, web pages accessed, etc.
  • Expandable memory up to 2GB
  • Plug n Surf
  • Compact and Sleek
  • Internal Antenna
  • Compatible with all popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, and MAC
  • All India Roaming Free
  • Prompt and Responsible Customer Care Services

A variety of postpaid and prepaid plans and packages are also available for the tata photon plus 3g USB modem. Users can choose any data tariff package depending upon the magnitude of internet usage, economy, and preference. The Postpaid plans are available in form of Monthly Rentals starting from Rs-850/- (6GB) to Rs-1400/- (15GB), each amounting to a total bill-discount in 13 months to Rs-1300/-. Any of these money back postpaid schemes can be chosen as per specific requirements. On the other hand, the basic and popular Prepaid plans include the Recharge Values in Rs-455/- (2GB –validity 28 days) and Rs-855/- (5GB - validity 28 days) to Rs-1500/- (9GB - 90 days), Rs-2501/- (15GB-180days), and Rs-5000/- (32GB-one year). A variety of unlimited recharge vouchers (ranging from Rs-705/- to Rs-1205/-) are available for a validity of 28 days.