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Videocon D2H 3D HD DVR

Television is by far one of the most effective means of communication with the masses today almost every household has a television set in their house. Sometimes even more than one according to their needs, but the ground breaking subject was when television was made in such a way that make us feel that we are watching it far better and advance technology as compared to the normal color television.

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This is where Videocon d2h 3d hd dvr provides us all this effects that makes us feel that we are watching it at a lavish PVR rather than a normal home. It is the foremost DTH service provider in the country which provides a 3D ready Set Top Box. Through which we can easily watch 3D movies at home and not somewhere else. Videocon d2h being the biggest of pay tv provider that gives straight satellite services with satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services. For which it has won numerous awards in the field of telecommunication. To be able to fully understand it there are various sections regarding it that we need to know, such as:

  • High Defination 1080P
  • 3D - 3 Dimension Picture Viewing
  • Dual Channel Recording
  • 16:9 - Wide Aspect Ratio
  • 1TB OF HDD ( Hard Disc )
  • 1400 Hrs of Recording Memory
  • Live Play - Pause - Rewind
  • Mosaic (12 PIP) - Genre wise
  • Favourites
  • Multilingual Channel Guide
  • Preview Screen (Full Guide)
  • Info Bar
  • Tickers
  • Watch while Play
  • Active Services - Direct Active
  • Direct Games / Direct Puzzle
Further also provides a complete aura of interesting channels like:
  • Discovery HD
  • NGC HD
  • Movies Now HD
  • Travel XP
  • Baby TV
  • Spacetoon
  • Movies Now (SD)
  • FX
  • Fox Crime
  • Big CBS Prime
  • Discovery Science
  • Discovery Turbo
  • NGC Wild
  • NGC Adventure
  • NGC Music

Videocon D2H 3D HD DVR Reviews India

Videocon Group is the first brand that came up with the innovative idea of making it all possible for people of this great nation could enjoy and feel their life change through it. It is also the third place for being the third largest picture tube manufacturer in the globe. Making it proud to have a very well accord of the Videocon d2h 3d hd dvr reviews in the Indian market. Although there are various contenders who are coming up to equal with it, but it still stands strong as the best that is available for customers even today.

Today Videocon d2h 3d hd dvr india has a better prospects in the field of television as compared to others with its superior and world class standard to meet its demands. Keeping in mind the new style, design and technology it has been able to give four hundred channels including HD channels and 3D and twenty one active music sections. Besides it has been able to prove itself among others as to why it is one of the best through series of awards and recognition that it has received in the industry.