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Vodafone 3G Data Card

Data Cards have bought the whole world closer to each other through its unique features, wireless internet technology, quality services and reliable connection. All these makes many new telecommunication companies to start with its data cards services in Indian market. This is only why today you will find number of data cards providers in the internet industry of India. After playing role as mobile cards manufacturer now Vodafone wants to play with internet technology by offering 3G data cards. HSDPA, GPRS, MAC, 3G and EDGE are some of the famous vodafone data cards that offer reliable and fastest internet connection. Vodafone the name that bring numbers of revolutionary ideas at the international level.

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Vodafone 3G Data Cards Service

Vodafone 3G data cards service is famous for fast mobile working where one can get download files at very speed rate. On other hand it also keeps low rate services with check email, access internet technology, online surfing with reliable connection. With vodafone 3G date cards browsing the web and accessing web files are becoming very easy that can be done at anytime and from anywhere. Here we get reliable and fast mobile broadband services with the complete freedom of portable internet connections with rapid download services. With Vodafone 3G data cards services you will also get 2 years of warranty and 24 hour replacement service. All these features and facilities provide an easy and rapid internet connection with complete compatibility with different models of laptops.

Vodafone 3G Data Card Services in India

At present, the Vodafone Group is one of the biggest telecom companies of the world by revenue, with over 400 million customers worldwide. This Vodafone enjoys close rapport with more than 40 partner networks in about 30 countries which are located in five continents. The Vodafone India is a galloping and respected member of the Vodafone Group, and started its services in Mumbai since 1994. Today, the Vodafone India has over 150 million customers belonging to places all over India. Recently, this one of the leading telecom companies of India has received the Most Admired Telecom Operator, and the Best 3G Operator, in the ceremony named the Telecom Operator Awards 2012. In paragraphs below, provided is refined and very profitable information regarding the vodafone 3g data card india.

The most prominent and hugely popular vodafone 3g data cards in India are the following at present:

  • Vodafone USB Stick K3772
  • Vodafone K3800 3G USB Stick
  • Vodafone ZTE K3770-Z
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These vodafone 3g internet cards are elegantly designed to support downloading speeds from 7.2 Mbps to 14.4 Mbps, and are well-equipped with data storage capacity ranging from 8GB to 32GB. The vodafone 3g data card services in India are available both in the modes of postpaid and prepaid connections. To impress its customers in both these categories, Vodafone has been launching highly competitive and exciting data tariff plans from time to time, keeping in mind the varying requirements of different users.

The postpaid data tariff plans offer free data usage of 3GB and 5GB in a month, with monthly rental of Rs-850/- and Rs-1250/-, respectively. While, for the prepaid connections, the monthly rental varies from Rs-250 to Rs-1250, for monthly usage of 3g data ranging from 1GB to 10GB. The charges for using data beyond the free bundle, start from 1p/10KB to 2p/10KB. Bigger free data usage plans (Rs-3250/- to Rs-6250/-) are also available in 180-day packages, and allow free data usage bundle ranging from 6GB to 30GB.