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Vodafone Data Cards

Vodafone is one of the famous telecommunication providers having head business center in Newbury of United Kingdom. Vodafone operates its networks in 31 countries having huge number of subscribers with 31 million around the world. It is well known for its quality and reliable services ranging from mobile providers to wireless internet connections.

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At present it is one of the reliable telecom providers around the world. Vodafone data card facilitates one to access his or her web account or other internet services directly through mobile phone. Vodafone is on the way to get awesome response from its users as these data cards already got popularity and favorably among the society. After getting positive response in various mobile services, Vodafone is now in the hope to get same response by providing latest and outstanding mobile services across the world.

Vodafone Data Card Services

This UK based telecom provider is now coming with its data card services. This brings you with an instant internet connection through your Vodafone mobile handset. It is quite efficient and portal that you can avail this Vodafone web services while on the move anywhere at anytime. It is second largest telecom service provider in India using GSM technology platform. It does not need cable or wire connection, these data cards are famous for its portability just need data card stick and simple login will bring internet services at your mobile set. Vodafone data card services comprise different tariffs and packages that users can have as per their needs and requirements.

Vodafone Wireless Internet Data Card in India

Vodafone is at present, one of the largest, immensely reputed, and quite reliable service providers in India in the sector of telecommunications and internet. In India, telecom services of Vodafone, which were started in 1994 in Mumbai by its predecessor Hutchison Telecom, are now governed and regulated by the Vodafone India, which has at present about 150 million subscribers in all over the country of India.

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In the Telecom Operator Awards 2012, Vodafone India received the glamorous recognitions as the Most Admired Telecom Operator in India, and the Best 3G Operator. The Vodafone India is a very successful and prestigious member of the giant Vodafone Group, which is globally renowned as one of the largest telecom corporations in the whole world, by revenue generated, with over 400 million subscribers located in around 30 countries worldwide. This information-rich section provides exclusive information regarding the vodafone internet data cards available in India.

In order to capture an ever-growing number of subscribers, to compete successfully with its competitors, and to serve its massive customer base most impressively, there are present a variety of vodafone data cards in Indian market, together with competitively-priced data tariff packages under both the categories of prepaid and postpaid. Out of these, the following are the most efficient, successful, and popular vodafone wireless data cards in India:

  • Vodafone USB Stick K3772
  • Vodafone K3800 3G USB Stick
  • Vodafone ZTE K3770-Z

These cunningly designed vodafone wireless internet data cards facilitate downloading speeds from 7.2 Mbps to 14.4 Mbps, and are adorned with huge data storage capacity that ranges from 8GB to 32GB. The paragraph given below offers brief information about the data tariff packages of the Vodafone data card in india.

The most prominent monthly data tariff packages under the postpaid category are Rs-850/- (monthly rental) and Rs-1250/-; and these packs offer bundled data usage of 3GB and 5GB, respectively. For the prepaid connections, the monthly rental ranges from Rs-250/- to Rs-1250, for using 3G data from 1GB to 10GB. And, the charge for acquiring extra data beyond the bundled data package, varies from 1p/10KB to 2p/10KB. Bigger data package plans (ranging from 6GB to 30GB) are also available with validity of 180 days.